"Beyond the Thought Experiment!"

 Welcome to the independent research project mission initiative! The Independent Research Project also known as the (IRP) is designed to function as a new way of creating and utilizing conceptual ideas to create exciting potential research projects from previously unexplored concepts, virtual ideas, and thought experiments.

 All the projects within the (IRP) mission will be considered original writings and thought experiments that are being translated into short research paper projects. Independent Research Project (IRP) members will comprise of a group of post graduate researches who have conducted individualized and independent research in specific scientific areas but have not extended the research beyond the level of the thought experiment or virtual project environment. During the creation of a thesis or dissertation there are several constraint which make some thought experiments incompatible with the final research study success. Our mission is to stimulate "Original Thought Experiments and New Knowledge Creation!" We believe that the virtual research environment can remove several of the constraints within our current state of research design approach. There by allowing us to simulate some of the most outrageous thought experiment possible! In the new and expanding virtual research environment numerous research experiments can be conducted in a safe environment using numerous virtualization software programs. As such a large amount of data and short paper topics will be dedicated to the "Virtual Research Environment".  Complete and ongoing virtual experimentation will be conducted using thought experiments translated into the (VRE) environment and the findings and data will be gathered and presented as numerous short scientific papers .

 All of our contributing members are dedicated to the goal of utilizing new and exciting thought experiments in the pursuit creating new knowledge! It is our mission to use the independent research model, the internet, and the thought experiment applied to the virtual environment to create a new way of conducting research in areas of independent post graduate research. These research projects and concepts are called "independent" as they are not conducted under the direction of a senior research instructor but instead are designed and constructed within the virtual environment exclusively by real world post graduates presenting theoretical short papers on numerous research topics! The purpose is to encourage the aspiring research student or scientist to explore the full gamut of applying the virtual laboratory approach to bringing the thought experiment to life in a virtual experimental environment!

 We will take the years of our research experience in gathering data and writing thesis and capstone projects and explore some very unique and different ways in which virtual research models can be streamlined and explored via the virtual research environment. The goal of the research presentations will be listed at this site and will be varied within the compellation of several scientific areas of research and investigation. The end goal in the virtual development process will then be to write a complete scientific short paper outlining the thought experiment in full detail.

This website will serve as a basic starting point to address numerous aspects of the conceptual design and development process for a standard short scientific research project. The ultimate goal of our mission will be to provide a unique short paper that can be enhanced and developed into a more detailed and elaborate peer review research paper.

 This site will focuses on the packaging of primary independent conceptual hypothesis into a disciplined specific research concept that can lead to the processing of the initial idea toward full expression of the idea, design of the potential research project for a virtual experimental environment, the processing of the experiment, and the writing of a scientific terminal short paper!

The final papers will be presented to the viewing audience for download in a peer review format and further developed based on critical peer evaluations. The (IRP) posting format will use the ISO standard PDF file, as well as the Word Document File, and the use of MS Power point presentations to present all supporting scientific short paper content.

"Beyond the Thought Experiment!"

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